27 June 2013

i feel like running

                         Sir, why are you running?

                                     1ST REPORTER
                         Why are you running?

                                     2ND REPORTER
                         Are you doing this for world peace?

                                     3RD REPORTER
                         Are you doing this for women's right?

                         Or for the environment?

                         Or for animals?

                                     3RD REPORTER
                         Or for nuclear arms?

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         They just couldn't believe that 
                         somebody would do all that running 
                         for no particular reason.

                                     2ND REPORTER
                         Why are you doing this?

                         I just felt like running.
taken from Forrest Gump movie-script.
I finish my first 10K. For no particular reason. I just felt running.

27 March 2013

Eye test chart

Made this eye test chart with Photoshop. Long weekend in here, enjoy!

You can buy my prints at Society6

22 December 2012

Hari Ibu

Selamat Hari Ibu!

Hari Ibu is Mother's Day. Here in Indonesia we celebrate it every 22nd of December.
My quick sketch for mom. Carnation (the red ones) represent mother's love.

14 December 2012

bright flowers

Start copying what you love. Copy copy copy copy. At the end of copy you will find your self 
– Yohji Yamamoto

This is my piece of Siirtolapuutarha. Oh I love Marimekko!

08 July 2012

saturday sketch

I did some drawings over the weekend. I use pencil then color the clothes with Lyra aquarell and I use copic marker for the skin tone.

06 May 2012

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming! Here's some of my wish list

1. Portable sewing machine
    I've bought already. Thanks mommy! I've replace my old Singer to this Janome DC 4030

2. Drawing tablet
    As now i'm working with drawing and sketches. It would be great if I own one of drawing tablet.    
    From reviews I've read, people use Intuos for sketches more than Bamboo

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab
    I've tried using Ipad & Samsung Tab, Samsung is more handy. Not too small as Samsung Galaxy   
    Note and not too big as Ipad. I don't have to bring my laptop all the time if I own this :D

4. Full set of Copic Marker
    Yay to colors! I love colors, but why is copic so expensive :( 

5. Adjustable dress form
    I need the one that goes from my size until the largest it can get.

6. Drawing paper stock

7. Toms 

     This is love at first sight!!! Gotta own this!

8. Cat eye glasses
    I need to wear specs. It's only minor minus, and I haven't found a perfect frame. 

9. Red/ Navy Blue thong
    This is very simple wish. I've bought a red-white-blue bikini thinking it would be easy to get the    
    matching thong anywhere. It turns out that it's really hard to find the matching color.

10. But all that means nothing without a good health for me & my family, success in my school, get a good job. Ok, thats more than 1 wish. But who cares? :D